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Triumph Speed Triple.

Triumph is a privately-owned British company with over 100 years of history. Triumph has always had its own distinctive character and a history of creating bikes that become design classics since they first came to market in the 1900s. Like the rest of the British motorcycle industry, Triumph went out of business by the 1980s. But the brand was resurrected in the 1990s by British industrialist John Bloor who has built a lineup of cutting-edge sportbikes to nostalgia-themed throwbacks.

We are very familiar with the Triumph Speed Triple. It has been one of the most popular naked bikes of all time and I mostly see men who have bad backs riding them, but on this occasion, it was me who was on board. Not being a fan of naked bikes myself, I took this ride as something that would hopefully open my eyes to a new world or riding and it did.

Before going to more details I just want to reveal the bike owners name, Mr.Mohammed Al-Sadiq, Sales Manager of Mororcycle World, Bahrain. Who has very much passionate about these kind of machines and won many awards with this customized Triumph Speed triple 1050.

This bike has such a simple build to it but it is as refined as the queen’s manners. The parts might not be large in numbers but they are top notch quality town to the finest detail. Brembo brakes and braided brake lines go a long way to proving that. I do not know a standard bike that includes those two together.

The dash was simple and easy to read and it has this amazing blue shift light up the top that lets you know when you need to notch it up two gears because you love the sound of the bike traveling at 60km/h in 2nd gear….  The triple, being a 3 cylinder engine bike is just spectacular.

Torque is the name of the game and it has that special feel that Triumph has in all bikes it makes…  quality. Having all that pulling power of a 1050 triple is why they pumped all that dough into high quality brakes and lines… Because you need it!

This bike is the sort of bike that you would use as a day to day bike and a special ride bike, it has the versatility of several different types of bikes all in one. Its fast, oh damn…. its fast.

One of the coolest looks on a bike is the single sided swing arm. I don’t care what bike it is, if it has a single sided swing arm, it has a bit of respect from me. They really look so tough like they are saying “look at me! I don’t need two sides to ride like a devil!”

As you would expect with this supremely made machine, Showa are the providers for the suspension and do a great job at that. The bike is not light but also not that heavy at a weight of 214kg when its full of fluids and ready to ride and the motion potion tank takes 17.5L meaning that a massive ride might not be as possible as other sports bikes.

Overall, this bike gave me a new life. It opened my eyes to the big world of naked and semi naked bikes and how fun and easy they are to ride. Any way I am going to check with my boss to get One month salary in advance to ………………………??

Below the parts which are fitted on the bike :

1) Triumph Carbon Fiber Seat Cover    U.K

2) Triumph Carbon Fiber Battery Tank Cover – U.K

3) Triumph Carbon Fiber Tank Side Panels – U.K

4) Triumph Carbon Fiber Sprocket Cover –  U.K

5) Triumph Carbon Fiber Heel Guards    U.K

6) Triumph Carbon Fiber Chain Guard Lower –  U.K

7) Triumph Carbon Fiber Radiator Covers – U.K

8) Triumph Carbon Fiber Mudguard, Side Covers     U.K

9) Triumph LED Indicators     U.K

10) Triumph Bar End Mirrors – U.K

11) Triumph Belly Pan + Customise Decal – U.K

12) Triumph Racing Adjustable Levers         U.K

13) Triumph Oversize HandleBar          U.K

14) Speed Triple 1050cc Tank Pad Sticker Protector . U.S

15) LUIMOTO Seat Cover Set. U.S

16) EVOTECH Front Wheel Slider. U.S

17) EVOTECH Rear Wheel Slider U.S

18) R&G Aero Crash Protectors U.K

19) R8G Engine Case Slider Set U.K

20) Rizoma Sport Line Hand Grips ITALY

21) Rizoma Front Oil Brake Fluid Tank ITALY

22) Rizoma Rear Oil Brake Fluid Tank ITALY

23) Rizoma License Plate ITALY

24) HP Corse Hydroform Steel E3 Full Exhaust System ITALY

25) Red Rim Tape U.S

26) Triumph Clutch Cable Guide Anodised Red U.K

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