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The RXT-X 300 from Sea-Doo is the builder’s bridge between a purely high-performance two-rider machine, the RXP-X 300, and the longer, steadier, towing capable luxury ride — the GTX Limited 300. Given its longer and stepped hull, which sports a S3 rough water inspired deep-V bottom, the RXT-X will appeal to those who want to ramp up performance in open waters with the new Rotax 1630 ACE engine. And with its new Ergolock seating and three-rider capabilities, it will quickly get from point-A to point-B. The key features include iControl, S3 Hull, Hinged seat, Tilt steering, Ski tow eye, Handlebar with palm rest, Large front storage compartment, Watertight, removable storage bin, Wide-angle adjustable mirrors, Footwell carpets with Sea-Doo logo pattern

 Adjustable Ergonomic Steering, allows the rider to customize the X-handlebar width and grip angle. New palm rests for 2016 add more comfort at the grips, as well. Sea-Doo’s Ergolock seating system, developed and perfected on the racing circuit, is found as standard equipment on more models for 2016. The RXT-X 300 is one of them. Combining an adjustable handlebar with inward-angled footwells, and a narrow profile racing seat with hollows the rider can grip with his or her knees, helps reduce the effort to hold on with shoulders, arms and hands in turns. This all means less fatigue for the upper body, as well as faster turns when the rider leans into the turns with more confidence.

The new Rotax 1630 ACE (Advanced Combustion Efficiency) engine is 9% bigger than the venerable Rotax 1503 and creates 15% more power with a boosted 300-hp, according to Sea-Doo. The new engine has a longer stroke compared to the Rotax 1503, raising displacement to 1.6L and increases efficiency in two areas; friction reduction and better cooling. 

 Sea-Doo has given riders of longer, more comfortable platforms performance possibilities that were lacking with lower output engines. The RXT-X 300 is quick enough to satisfy the rider or couple who want a spirited ride, yet still powerful enough and equipped to tow a third rider safely. The choice no longer is between a sizzling high-performance platform or a comfortable, predictable towing machine. The RXT-X 300 offers both.

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