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Set to launch a new facility next to their showroom in Sitra, Euro Motors is on a path of expansion, clearly enjoying their status as the market leaders with luxury brands BMW, MINI, Rolls Royce, Land Rover, Ferrari and Maserati.

The car vehicle retailer’s future looks pretty optimistic, according to an elated Paul Yates, General Manager, who spoke to GAZ about the company’s growth and future.

1. What’s the latest expansion plan for Euro Motors?

We are preparing to open a new dedicated Land Rover facility adjacent to us and relocate our Ferrari and Maserati operation to the existing Land Rover showroom. So in total we would have three stand alone facilities before the end of this year. We’re also looking at expanding our brand portfolio but we can’t say what they are at the moment.

2. Recent additions to the Euro Motors arsenal has been the Maserati Quattroporte and the La Ferrari. What’s your opinion about these models?

La Ferrari is the pinnacle of sports cars and is produced very limited numbers worldwide. There are only about 599 worldwide and we’ve managed to secure a few for Bahrain, obviously, they have already been sold. The new Maserati QP is an amazing car and it will be followed by the Ghibli in September-October. The Ghibli is a smaller car in the 5 Series segment and is just a fantastic vehicle.

We also launched the Rolls Royce Wraith last month and another new addition to our line up in September will be the new Range Rover Sport.

3. Dealing with high-end cars that target an upper bracket of consumers, what sort of challenges does Euro Motors face?

Actually we’ve got something for everybody. from the Mini Cooper, starting at around 10,000BD to the Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead, at around BD250,000, and we have many offers for the models in between.

People may drive past our showroom and be intimidated by seeing the Ferrari or BMW logos, fearing we may be too expensive for them, but we have flexible leasing offers which make our products affordable to many people.

For instance, we currently have great deals, such as the BMW X5 and X6 at BD399 and BD499 a month respectively, making it affordable to people who have transport allowances. Also our Ramadan offer of ‘buy now and pay next year’ which means that your first repayment of the loan begins in January 2014. With the aid of attractive monthly packages, cars like the BMW 3 series starting off at BD13,000 or the 5 series beginning at BD16,000 can made very well be affordable.

4. Which out of the six brands you represent is the best-selling?

The best-selling brand in terms of volume is BMW because of its reputation. A crucial factor for the high-sales of the brand is our after-sales support and the models’ residual values when a customer would want to trade it in.

5. As the car market is so diverse and competitive in Bahrain, what marketing strategies do you employ to remain ahead of your rivals?

The customer always comes first for us. We want them to feel secure about spending their money with us, knowing that we’ll be there with our after sales support. Our highly trained technicians and service staff ensure that our customers receive excellent aftersales service.

It is challenging to compete in a small market such as Bahrain due to its size. So we rely heavily on our reputation of strong after sales and customer care and often our customers recommend us to their friends and family members. Moreover, the competition we face is tough, but we like it. It keeps us on our toes but in our opinion we have the best products, the best team and the best customers in the market.

6. What’s the current status of the automobile industry in Bahrain?

The market has been really buoyant this year. It has been one of the best first six months of a year ever and we feel  this has been helped by our leasing and finance packages.

7. What is your preferred medium of advertising?

Some of our brands require specialized advertising. We use the full-spectrum of media to promote them from social to print. We’ve a dedicated team to take care of our Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep in touch with our customers as well as highlight our exclusive offers. We also engage in outdoor promotions to boost brand awareness and try to keep abreast of the latest technological developments.  Over the years, I believe our advertising focus has shifted from conventional forms to digital.

We are also partnered with entities including the Royal Golf Club and St Christopher’s School so that we can engage our target market effectively.

7. How important is the used car sector in Bahrain?

It has grown massively in the range of around 300 per cent over the last decade. Earlier monthly sales of used cars were to the tune of 15-16 which has grown to around 50-60.

6. Tell us about your history with Euro Motors and where do you see it going in the future?

I’m originally from Manchester, UK. I went straight into the car business after college and progressed through it. I spent 14 years working for another leading automotive brand before joining Euro Motors in 2004 during this time I have witnessed a massive growth in our business. Since I came, we have doubled the size of the BMW workshop and built a premium used car showroom- another key area on which we focus. Now we’re the market leaders in Bahrain in every segment we represent. Our association with Zayani Motors, who have Peugeot and Mitsubishi and First Motors, who are Hyundai,  make us the largest players in Bahrain groupwise. So we’re maintaining a very positive outlook with expansion plans as the future is looking quite good at the moment.  Though brands and manufacturers are key, it’s the people in Euro Motors that make it stay where it is at.

8. What is a usual day for you as the General Manager of Euro Motors?

My day begins at 5:30am with my three kids jumping around getting ready for school.

A usual day at Euro Motors start at 8:30am and its mostly staff meetings, dealing with manufacturer issues and so on. It’s a very busy  schedule until 5:30pm which is when I call it a day. Afterwards its shut off time for me and my day finishes in the same way it began – with my wife and kids.

9. What is your personal favourite among the Euro Motors brands?

The BMW M6 Grand Coupe is the perfect family car all-around. I just love the vehicle. It’s flexibility allows it to be a sports car at the touch of a button especially after you’re done driving it to business meetings all-day.



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