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Range Rovers are basically the Daddy’s of SUVs and could be cruelly described as the Granddaddy of SUVs. They’ve been banging them out since the 1970s. It would be a huge mistake to write them off as old and worn out because the 2016 Range Rover Vogue is a lovely modern beast that stinks of pure luxury.

Let me first tell you about that engine. This is the beast part. V8 SUPERCHARGED we recorded 200km/ph when we went wild in it and it can do a top speed of 225km/ph. 0-100 in a staggering 5.4 seconds. It’s super-fast and super agile which is amazing when you consider the bulk. It is definitely more like a Usain Bolt with that size yet still manages to have the grace and make it look so easy.

The modern comes from the five digital surround cameras that make parking this beast very easy. This is topped off with a very user friendly full colour touch screen great if you need to tow something which this beast actually can quite rare in this modern world of fake SUVs. It also has the new Automatic Access Height feature that lowers the vehicle when you are parked to make it easier to get in and out perfect for those of us with small wives and a family.

Sitting in the driving seat you feel more like a pilot than a driver. He gauges look pristine and luxurious and looks just how you would expect a luxury SUV to look like. They have not skimped on quality. The leather looks, feels and smells like it should. The wood looks like it came from a tree and not some crazy hybrid Chinese factory. Even the steering wheel feels particularly manly, big and strong with lots of features at hand. This is a car built for drivers first and foremost.

The lovely comes from that shape. As regular readers of my rants will know I love nothing more than a recognisable shape and style and the Range Rover is unmistakably a Range Rover. It looks beautiful and looks more modern yet still clings to that classic Range Rover feel. It looks and feels like your favourite Uncle coming to visit you. Test driving cars can be sometimes quite boring and you look at a lot of cars and think why? You don’t think this with the Range Rover Vogue. You realise that someone has thought about everything and if you designed a car it would look exactly like the Range Rover Vogue.

The Vogue is an impressive ride it handles beautifully thanks in no part to the Adaptive Dynamics that measure and monitor every twitch of the wheels to improve stability and makes that ride smooth.

The Vogue stands out in a crowd and although we know what to expect from Range Rover it is still quite amazing to consistently deliver exceptional SUVs. It is definitely the best SUV in this class.


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